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Old 07-31-2012, 08:16 AM
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I guess everyone is too busy watching the Olympics to respond

Ok, let's face it, Dawn of Fantasy was really buggy when it was released, so most of the work on the game since release has gone towards bug fixes. Now Dawn of Fantasy is much more stable although there will be an occasional bug.

Some of the new features include:
Co-op sieges - join a friend or stranger in sieging one of the major NPC towns
Co-op quests - invite a friend or stranger to help you with the siege based and field combat quests
Player profile - get a snapshot of your progress, settlement and starting choices
Buyable Heroes - buy an additional hero with special abilities to help bolster your armies
New chat - chat features have been updated to be much more customisable
Friends List - add your friends to your friends list so you can see when they come online

There is no player-to-player trading at the moment, but it is on our list of things we want to add.