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Old 07-27-2012, 07:00 PM
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Hmm Actually I wantet to make an Suggestion about this a while ago.
Guess I.ll just go ahead and post it here then.


Deployment Pool/Garrison Army
I dont really know how to call it since its basicly meant to fix a mutlitude of annoyances.

Creaste an Army with an Population Cap of 90.
The Army will simply stand on the Town and Serve as an Deployment and Rearranging Point.

New Units Build will move into that Army and can get reassigned to either another Army or the Hometown.

Of course the Army is Immune to PvP challenges and cant hold any Ressources.
It can also not Move away from the Town.

New Build Units will move into that Army and await their Deployment.

(it would be nice if there would be a button on the Unit Production Buildings which specifys wether the Units Spawn on Map or on the Army)

This should fix the problem of new Build Units mixing in with the Defending Troops and those making it annoying to sort them out.
At the same time it would give some Unit Storage for Units which you want to Transfer to other Armys or which you want to Create new Armys from.

(right now if you got 4 full Armys and an full Garrisson you need to do Acrobatic **** to Create an 5th Army because you need to move your Garrisson into an Army then Build the Units in Town and after that Switch out the Garrisson with the New Build Units by disabling the Caps and mixing both together completly then sorting out the one Army again. Unless of course you want to Free 1 Slot in the Town and Build and Move 1 Unit at a time into the new Army which is as you may believe me even more annoying then sorting everything anew ..... And of course same goes when you got 5 Armys and want to Reearrange them its really annoying becuase you have no Space to put them and need to mix em alltogether to sort em out again.
Not even mentioning that this always Results in you moving all Units back to their Places in Town Again to have Defends Ready because your Garrisson Spawned at the Entrance again after all that.)

I think this would be an incredible Help to most Players because they dont always need to Wipe their whole Garrisson when they Create or Rearrange an Army.

Well just a piece of mind

Oh Remembering that is it is somehow relatet to this.

How about removing Population Impact from the Hero
You always need him for the Quests inside Town
It might be nice if you could move him Into Town without regard for Population
Its somewhat annoying to always keep a Slot free for him just to go in accept the quest and Dissappear again

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