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Old 07-23-2012, 06:16 AM
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See, this is what I love about the Dawn of Fantasy community, everyone wants to help to make this the best game it can be.

Originally Posted by Wolfentir View Post
I'll be happy to support you on Steam. Maybe post a topic on how we can do that and other ways we can help.
Thanks for your support. Steam Greenlight is scheduled to begin late August. Closer to the date we'll be making forums posts to let people know about it so we'll be ready when it launches.

Once Steam Greenlight has begun, we'll get Dawn of Fantasy listed and we'll post in the forums and send out a newsletter asking everyone for their help with instructions on how to do so.

Originally Posted by OxyKnight View Post
But would it be possible for us players to help? I mean we could invite friends to play, but would it be possible for players to add in-game content? Sortuff like a community contest.
I'd love to see some user created content. Before joining Reverie I used to design custom scenarios for Age of Mythology as a hobby and I know some of the other devs made scenarios for Age of Kings amongst other games. It would be great for Dawn of Fantasy to build the same kind of scenario design and modding community.

Dawn of Fantasy comes with a powerful, yet easy to use scenario editor. I think you are right, if we can get enough people interested we should have a contest to get people to design a new town to siege or a new quest to complete perhaps with the winning scenarios added into the online game world.