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Old 07-21-2012, 04:32 PM
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So i bought this game 5 months ago and after i finished it ( 3 days ) i just got bored of him i mean , i can't make PVP because of huge amount of lag So i get bored...
That was at beginning , but i still had 1-2 players to play with , with that lag .. it was acceptable ... NOW when i enter the game i can't find anyone online , i don't have with who to play ... and i get bored again and i exit... i feel like i wasted my money on this game and that's bad because the community is great , you are the most nice developer i ever met on mmorpg games , and i played lots of mmos. But the thing is we don't have players -.- or if we have they are not online in night time - america , because i am on europe. So .. hope you guys will do something to attract more players. I am sure that if this game would be a little bit more populated it would be more fun , i mean seriously? I didn't did a pvp in months , and i love this game it's really nice idea , very cool system but i get bored if i play alone Anyway hope you will do something maybe repair this lag problem faster dunno , something that will get more players into our community so i can have someone online to pvp with...
Thanks and hope this game will become famous!
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