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Old 07-16-2012, 12:47 AM
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In the End Steam is about Money
Theyre not doing this for Fun

Good Game or Bad Game doesnt matter.
Only thing that matters is the Cash that Steam can rake in by allowing a Game for their Platform.

Games with alot of Media Attention will go in without Problems because Steam knows they will sell.
Same goes for Games which are backed by an Renown Company

But if you got neither of both you need to be attractive in another way

Small Scale Games usually do this by offering their Games very cheaply on Steam so Steam can distribute it as extra parts of packages or as bargain stuff

Bigger Games will close Contracts to be Steam Only in order to assure Steam that they will profit

Now Dawn of Fantasy wont offer Steam the sole Publishing Rights on the Game
Also Dawn of Fantasy comes from an young Company which doesnt have a Big name yet
And Dawn of Fantasy is also not an Smallscale Game.

So in the Eyes of Steam

Dawn of Fantasy aint Lucrative enough to be acceptet.
After all even if the Community would grow Steam would not get the Full Profit from it.
They would only have the Game itself which is a one time Download.
The Main Long Time Profit lying in the Item Store would not be on them

Well of course just a guess on my side ^^
I can only try to imagine how they tick

but I think it should be something close to this

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