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Old 06-16-2012, 02:41 AM
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Oh so that is what "Downpour" mean. Sorry for that.

Yeah now that Konstatine said I tried that and it "worked": my units were cloaked but the player could see me, I was comming from behind so he saw me comming and instead of retreat he tried to attack me, because he didnt know about whirlwind probably. But it worked fine.

I did some pvp just right now (4am here) and I have to say that its more balanced than before. I played against human and my GM didnt own him, I lost some fights too, wich wasnt happening so often in the past. I think this is because of the nerf that GMs had and also because of the fix of skill reset bug since most ppl didnt know about it and probably went to fight with no skill points spents.

My concerns about the siege could be because of the fire shots that are bugged for elves, so its harder to defende ourself. But I think boost towers and threants are still valid.

Ill play more to look deeper into balance stuff. Hope I could attack daikl tomorrow.

Is there a way to stop cavalry, when they are charging, with lancers/sentries?
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