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Old 06-16-2012, 12:18 AM
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aramsm I agree with you on most parts.

Bladestorms i really like them fast unit and do alot of dmg but is abit weak on armour side and hp, its all fine with me. cause you need tactics like the one konstantin said. thereare some problems with hide ability in pvp that could be adjusted. and that your bladestorms needs to be stationary too do the whirlwind

Formations for elvens is not something i use at all for my elvens as both formations makes the units unmovible and unable to cancel the formations. lost alot of units when siegeing npc town and i tried both formations.

Seige equipment for both attack and defense i think should be 100% resistance towards normal arrows. but be vurnible against melee/seige units/flameing arrows and of course hero units

The reason you lost that fight was cause you didnt manual use downpour from your wardens. that is one of the draw backs with elvens as its need to be used manualy while Humans and Orcs can do it on auto if they set some workers on firefighting
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