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Old 06-15-2012, 09:07 PM
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Aramsm you have worker units that can fight fire,i think the mistake was on your part.The part where you say we need something to protect the adviser+some units you might refere to a keep(like dagbor has) and that would mean a redesign of current strongholds.Don't get me wrong,i'd like to see that,a much more complex castle would lead to more interesting sieges.
Yeah i agree,towers and trents(siege engines that can latch to walls) should be more resistant to arrows but more vulnerable to fire.
Btw it would be cool if some units(1 is enough) had some kind of rope mecanic so they could climb walls.
Regarding balance that could easily be fixed here's a list for orc,can't speak for other races yet:
>more stamina for slayers
>drop the 100 health penalty on Rage ability(used by berzerkers and main hero)
>add Howl ability to orc cavalry and maybe up the armor a little
>more damage(maybe even crush damage) for marauders
Hopeing i will eventualy be able to pvp so more feedback then.
"This is no rabble of mindless Orcs; these are Uruk-hai. Their armor is thick, and their shields broad."

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