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Old 06-15-2012, 05:22 PM
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Yeah I understand that berzerkers are not the tank of orcs, Im not saying that. Indeed define what is a tank is complicated, but the word comes from the military vehicule, tanks, however the real tanks are high armored, faster than men and have a great DPS, and in RPG games tanks mean someone that could hold damage and thats all, actually not RPG but D&D because in other system that I played (Daemon) tanks were strong and high constitution persons, and if you were strong you would have some bonusses on damage etc but this is not the case hehehe. Indeed I mean units that can hold lines, like GMs and Knights. Slayers are not at the same level as them, at least not before the patch...

About the scissor I was just underline that to Reverie be cautious to not fall in the same trap. But I think that they already tried that restricting some units caps armor. Still, I feel Konstantine have to let me a hand here because I dont know how the multipliers would work etc.

Yeah, I was much referring to the fire that siege weapons cause. I dont think this should happen - if we have walls is to protect, so how could that not work? I said that because I lost a fight, when actually even me and Ghost thought that I would win; he simple couldnt do thing to me and my walls, but he killed some of my troops from outside my walls and then he won (he was surprise). I succeed defending my town but he won because he killed some troops and put me a little outnumbered. Since you know that, you can just stay outside, with your army around your sieges and bombarding the town. I agree that you CAN bombard the towns, but there is always a stronghold to protect the lords, ladies, stock pile etc. and we dont have that in DoF. Like I said, is not to protect your whole army but just a part of it, and maybe the advisor.

I also think that towers and threants should be immune to arrows. They have like 70% armor or something against piercing, but seriously I cant see how arrows could take a tower down. In DoF I have to build like 6 threants just for one or two actually reach the walls and then my units have to rush to climb it before archers take it down. Catapults, traps, fire and cavalry should counter that not archers. Well, maybe immune could be too extreme but a boost of 80-90 or an upgrade.

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