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Old 06-15-2012, 03:26 PM
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First,what is your definition of tanks? Mens elite unit(knight) and elven elite unit(GM) could be considered 'tanks' because of high armor and sustain abilities,but orc elite unit(berzerkers) have low armor and they act more like damage dealers.In terms of pure armor and soaking damage slayers could be said to be the 'tanks' of orcs.
Now about this scissor/rock/paper implementation,its not like swords>pike>cav>swords and thats it,pikes can beat swords,swords can beat cavalry,its a matter of who is better agains who;did you notice on unit description it says "Efficient vs ... , Medium vs ... ,Weak vs ... " ; that is why i said the system works.On this topic,maybe they could use multipliers versus what that unit is good against (ie Efficient vs swords = 3x damage vs them, Medium =1x damage or normal ,weak is 1/2 and Very Efficient maybe 4x or 5x).
I kinda agree that orc strongholds need a better look,something maybe like Pultakk,that stronghold is f*kin amazing(not a priority but something i really would like to see).
I think the current siege system is ok,you can always counter with catapults on towers or catapults inside own town or ride out and meet enemy.Im honestly more afraid of wildfire damage then the damage the catapults make on my troops.You as a defender have better advantage then atacking army(you have walls,higher ground,counter-siege mechanics like oil,spike traps etc,army waiting inside) and when enemy attacks it usualy is through a small gap where you can face him with armor in front and archers in the back(watch 300 and get my point).
Anyway fell free to debate me.
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