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Old 06-15-2012, 02:29 PM
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Well World of Battles use a cisor-paper-stone mechanic. It works but the battle is a mess because its like a dog and cat play: you send your lancers against cavalry, the enemy retreat the cavalry and send his swordsman, then you retreat your lancers and send your cavalry against his swordsman, than he retreat his swordsman and send his lancers.... Basically troops get some time to engage because ppl keep avoinding each other most because one type of unit is 100% useless against the other. We could have weakness, ok, but not at the point to be useless. The strategy is resumed to that: who can get the enemy's army with its weakness wins. It works and its fun, however its annoying sometimes (plus there is the pay-win wich ruins the game).

I did use bladestorms to flank, although is hard to say that I truely flanked someone since he can see me approaching. My front line is always GM, but I cant say or I cant see that actually thanks to the blademasters I killed that squad/army. Whirlwind is awesome but its hard to micromanage units with the pathfind that we have, I mean some units stay behind and you dont really know when you are hitting the enemy or just the air (maybe a sound effect that you hitting should help). Anyway, for the reasons listed below, if you only PvEd so any unit should fit. But in PvP I dont feel they are needed or useful, if they will give me some hard work to manage I just send GM and over this **** hehehe. Like I said, when GMs are engaging then its over.

Maybe a HP boost is too much, but a damage boost and a damage nerf for all tanks should reduce this unbalance between tanks and dpsers.

Konstantine, I dont think cloaking is working against players since in PvP I cloacked some units to sneak my enemy's dragon and kill it, but he might had noticed because he retreat his dragon as soon as I had started walking in its direction, and again the fog of war... Also I wont use any elve formation anymore since squads get stucked when we change formations. I did it sometimes before and lost the entire squads! I still think that a boost on their damage would be nice because like now they have low HP for melee units and a low armor at the beginning, so I think its too much risk and I start spending points on armor and damage. I would never think on stamina. With a boost on damage I could think on stamina then because they wont survive for too long in a close combat but they can still be deadly. But I will try, now that you give me this tip, investing on stamina.

Im saying that they need this boost but this is not only for bladestroms, of corse, also other units but I dont have enough knowledge. We still need to discuss about men race, maybe Ghost could help but I cant see him here.

Btw, I really bought the idea that orcs should have health regen. Sorry, I havent read the lore so I dont know if this fit with it. But we have HP regen already, maybe orcs should start with it , and at high levels and have its cap, for orcs, increased. That should fix orcs tanks too since they cant have nice armors but healing per second should make them live and hold longer. We could have healers too, maybe that would be easier to implement and balance, but if they have hp regen boosted that would make them exclusive, I mean would make them different than other races, like a special feature.

I was also thinking about their defences and I thought that they should get an extra wall, since its wood wall and should be easier to do another and another. Then they could set boddies trap between the second and the third wall and incomplete palisade just to make harder to enemy's troop walk between them (or just the boddies would do that?).

Also (I think this is ask for too much but I really think its needed) we should have a fortress in the center of our towns, not something hard to get in, is more to protect against siege ammo, something small not to protect the whole army but your reserves because with siege weapons you can kill ppl inside the town (although Idk if this is bad). Well Im saying this because I can remember some sieges that I had against you and Ghost and sometimes it was safier outside my walls than inside. I thnik siege weapons should be more focused on destroying walls than killing everyone inside town. Maybe a range nerf would fix this too, or could you make the ammo fly less higher so them have a minimal chance to pass over the walls?? And it would be nice too if attackers could win by killing town's advisor instead of having to stay at the middle of the town (though alternative way of winning - reducing your enemy's army - should be kept).
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