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Old 06-15-2012, 12:52 PM
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Actualy i like the scissor-paper-stone implementation.It makes you use different troops and adapt.
Also about bladestorms,i used them just in singleplayer and they are pretty good but i think you aramsm missed the point,they were ment to be used against archers/light infantry or as flank troops,you can't use them as your front line(more on this after further testing)
Oh and 600hp bladestorm is a bit much(op!!!)
We need some difference between troops that tank and troops that do damage(more on this later,need to think more about it).
I'll keep the following suggestions just for orc,since they are my main race and i have an idea how they should function.Players that main other races are welcome to bring their input on the respective race.Let's start(units that were not mentioned either they dont need any modification or coudn't think of one atm):
>orc slayers - in my opinion they could use a boost of 50-100 stamina,they are the main force,i use them to soften up enemy ranks and draw archer fire using hive formation+cover but sometimes due to lack of more stamina they tend to brake formation and cover before my other troops come in.
>orc berzerkers - they should be true to their namesake,true BERZERKERS; starting with 25/0/25 is just pathetic,they need more starting armor like 50/10/50 and here's the catch,when they use the berzerk skill(rage) make the armor drop like -30/0/-30 from current values and the 100hp penalty should be removed(if i go crazy im reckless but i don't just happen to lose life)
>orc mounted slayers/impalers -no upgrades,low stats and useless as hell.They could use the howl ability of normal wargs and some bonus armor upgrades.Need to test the more.
>orc marauder(the archer unit) - ok so im an orc,im no elf thus not so accurate and maybe can't shoot so far,but damn im strong;imo orc archers should get more damage and beside pierce damage maybe even crush damage(i read some lore that tikken dal orcs train to shoot through trees =that means force and damage)

And offtopic/silly suggestion:how about some new elite creatures besides dragons,i personally would like to have a hydra,maybe a cyclops(hell i could even draw the concept art if you guys agree :P )
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