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Old 06-15-2012, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Vind View Post
I haven't played that much but considering game mechanics and orc lack of healing, maybe that could be compensated by giving them some kind of natural regeneration.
This would be awesome and solve the problem.

Originally Posted by Vind View Post
Also the talk about armor/damage should take into consideration that magic system was put aside while more important issues are resolved. When you place icon over unit attack number you see all kind of attacks, fire, electricity....I'm sure that some units were planed around those kind of damages/resistances, and with those features not implemented whole system needs redoing.

Originally Posted by Vind View Post
I do agree about armor resistance being more powerful than damage. Elven grandmasters have high survivability and blade storms seem like a squishy squids i need to replace them after every battle. So i stopped using them.
I actually like the way Reverie thought about amor and damage, with categories etc. I dislike the cisor-paper-stone style. I dont know for sure what cause this, but this is my main concern: baldestorms are supposed to be deadly and high damage, though they are inefficient, they die fast and in the other hand GM should only hold units and gives some damage but, because they survive longer, they kill them all. I think this happens for the other reaces too. Its pretty much like you say: when you notice, other soldiers start to be useless and you stop using them (although I still use baldemasters and Sentries, but have to say that baldemasters dont help me much in the battles).

Maybe the difference between tanks and DPSers is not enough. GM starts with 120 damage and 600 hp, 50/0/50 armor (I dont remember well) and blade with 210, 300 hp and ... errr... some armor. I think they should start with 310 of damage and GM with 90. 300 of hp is too low, maybe they could have 600 or even more but armor cap restricted to 45% for slashing and piercing.

If I remember well GM also can get 75% against blunt damage, I think they shouldnt, and blades could get more armor against blunt (becuase they probably wear a softer armor and this should reduce the impact). I think maceman and sentries should have a abilitie to reduce tanks armor by half for 10-15s, like if they screwed their armor. But I dont know if you guys can do an abilitie that only works against one type of unit, or maybe it should works against anything anyway.

Just a off topic and silly suggestion: we should have foot sounds when troops walk. That would be awesome.
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