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Old 06-15-2012, 01:14 AM
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My idea was this,instead of % reduction we could use a value,a rateing,whatever you wana name it.
Lets say if you have :
-between 100-200 the unit has light armor
-between 200-300 the unit has medium armor
-and over 300 is heavy
Now the catch.
>if unit has light armor it moves faster,attacks faster,but receives more damage
>if unit has heavy armor it moves slower,attacks slower,but receives less damage
>medium armor is between.
Now you might ask,but hey dude we have different types of damage.I have a solution for this also.We can use material types for armor(bronze,iron,steel,mithril ) and we could upgrade units at blacksmith.
Mithril has values(75% for pierce and 40% for slash)
Unit1 has armor rateing of 100.Unit2 has 80 damage and slash damage.Unit3 has 80damage and pierce damage.
Unit1 vs Unit2 [Unit1 true armor vs pierce will be 75(75% of 100rateing) and when hit by Unit2 will receive 5 damage]
Unit1 vs Unit3[Unit1 true armor vs slash will be 40(40% of 100rateing) and when by Uni3 will receive 40 damage]
This idea still needs improvment but could eliminate the situation where units with big damage do very little damage,units in heavy will tank better but depending on their armor rateing they won't perform the same vs a unit with 600 dmg as one with 100 (imo one of the flaws of current system) and not to mention the customization available.
This is just an idea in progress and as a programmer myself i know this could potentialy be a lot of work so i say again,just an idea
Any thoughts on this?
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