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Old 06-14-2012, 08:55 PM
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Yeah daikl. Because the way it is now its too armor centered, and most new players doesnt know that and spent points in other skills. Only archers and healers you should do that. If we have a different mechanic we could think of wich unit we will invest on armor and wich we dont. For example: every unit should start with some armor, tanks with higher values and archers with lower (like it is now). Then for each point you spent you increase this value (we should have a mechanic that make each point more expensive than the first one or more ineffiecient). The thing is if its not % some troops wont cause damage, so you might think: oh this unit I have to focus X points on damage in case my enemy has 1/2X point on armor, and that other unit Ill focus 2X points on damage etc. With % system 600 of damage, 500, 400 and 300 will cause 150, 125, 100 and 95 of damage respectively against a melee unit with 75% of armor (in any categorie). So, if you look closely 300 is half of 600 and cause half damage (95), but if the armor was just a negative value, if you get a 300 armor a 300 attack wont cause any damage but still a 600 will cause 300 instead of 150.

But Idk if its better, because could be a little frustating to cause no damage and lost all your army... However, worried about that, ppl would probably spend points on damage. But still there is a risk that everyone spent points on armor and none can deliver any damage. Maybe % mechanic is indeed better, but there is something wrong with it or with damage because DPS units, like blademasters, die really fast and my tanks are always more powerful and deadly (when I send them its over, or I kill everyone or I loose the battle).

Guys (staff) if you can help us here, like say what you have already tested, show all units stats since I dont know for sure orcs and men stats (cap stats), what are your concepts about the game like "we want that but not this".

All in all I can conclude two things: 1) fog of war need to be fixed, 2) and orcs need healers to get start in pvp.

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