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Old 06-14-2012, 07:35 PM
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So now that Im back... Hi guys,

First to say is that I agree 98% with vicious666, and then with daikl about orcs and then with Zekarde about limit units type. IM STRONGLY AGAINST THIS! We should not have any limit and build our army as we want. And like he says there as a high risk/reward on make an only type army. I want the freedom to choose how my army should be and seeing ppl complainning about this makes me think that they dont know (or dont thought enought) how the army strenght system works. If you make an army with 10 dragons do you really think that you can find any army, like lvl 1 army? No! But I wont extend myself too much about this...(if you guys want to discuss about this I can tell all the reasons I think this "one type army" is not a smart choice, even for dragons).

About gameplay:
Like vicious666 said we need a pve improvement. More levels, more kind of quests, more options of coop, harder units etc. But I would even go farther: although units have levels, their stats are always low and dont match with their level: make them match and make them use abilities and strategies, like "oh Im dieing, I will retreat to rest and heal" or "dam Im being hit by arrows, lets get off archers sight" and then "player's unit are weak now, CHARGE!". They hardly charge or attack in an organized way, when they attack they do that in an indivual way like if they arent a whole army but just a group of guys there. They should choose what unit they should attack like cavalry against archers and healers etc, and focus on our siege weapons on sieges.

Plus, we should have roamming NPC armies, like in Mount and Blade (I dont know if this is possible in DoF but Im suggesting anyway) and be allowed to conquer NPC villages/towns.

Dungeons and bosses are needed too and that might be connected with pvp and territory control. For example a dungeon in rollingplains: only players/guilds that own that zone can have access to it. Bosses and dungeons should give gear... but I know that this is another topic to discuss and maybe impossible to be implemented.

That is my suggestion about the gameplay, wich I think you guys should pay attention because the game is good, is fun but it dont hold the players for so long and that is because there is nothing to do before you build up your town or when no one is online or even when you cant find PvP. Even pvp is meaningless and could be boring after some time. So yeah pve and territory control should fix that.

About units:

Orcs are a joke, really. They are terrible weak, terrible. I didnt play too much with them, even after the patch, but I can say they are weak and their city is un-defendeable. Seriously, a wall with 2,5k of hp... do you think it can stand for how long? And its not even completed wall. To defend this they would need like AEWSOME units, wich they havent. And even if they have what is the point to siege orcs if all the battle will be out walls??? I suggest to give up of the idea that they must have sh*t walls... maybe two walls with a fewer less HP than elven and men would be good, but not "one incomplete wood wall with 2,5k".

About units, Idk now but I doubt that HP boost fixed the problem. The thing is that in DoF I found that armor is the skill that is most powerful. Doesnt matter how much damage or hp your enemie's units have, if you have 70+ armor they WILL die. And that is what happen. Elves can reach 75 armor in all categories, with GM fence skill they take 95, if orcs do 600 damage my GM will suffer 30 of damage (with GM fence) and 150 without it... and orcs dont do 600 of damage. Also they have a pretty low armor. So when they start scratching my units armor they should be dead (50% of armor if I remember and 65 for slayers).

My question is: should armors be in % or just damage reduction like -10, -20 etc?? I really not sure about this, I want to know what you guys think about it because sometimes I dont think that an unit with 600 damage should have its dps reduced to 30... but I really dont know.

Well I would like to test more orcs against someone (maybe daikl who is one that play with them) because Idk how they are working after the last patch. But still there is main concern about orcs, and this upset me a little:
THEY NEED HEALERS. Why do you guys added new heroes and didnt add any way to orcs heal themself?? I know that you guys want to add shamans with magic, but even so this is not excuse for dont add any healer for them, even a provisory one.

All this we have to keep in mind that there are bugs. I mean is hard to know if elves need some nerf since their fire shots are not working, hidden units can be seen by players and fog of war is not working. I also getting my resources resetted when I reach 7k (thx daikl for the tip, I didnt notice that this happens when I reach 7k but I can see that now - but Im elf so its not only for orcs).

-Fix fog of war (high priority), so we can make strategies (like flank attacks, surprises and traps).
-No fire in water (marsh lands get fire).
-All that vicious666 said before about bugs.
-Fix elven fire shots and sunstone (its not healing).
-Fix elven formations.

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