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Default Kingdom under Fire 2

Hi people

Is a been a while since I wrote in this forum

I gonna talk about this game and well i'm not sure if here has people that know about this game.
when I was watching some videos on youtube there was a video with a video with an interesting picture as a preview, when I click to see the video I was impressed with the content of the video, showing a warrior (or a young general) and showed an army behind him outside the walls of a castle or fortress prepared against a horde orc and ogres ...

the next few minutes the two armies clash in a carnage and the camera focuses on the warrior who leads the human troops against the horde of orcs from a third person perspective, it shows the warrior fighting against orcs with only a sword and a gun until a group of dragons with orcs mounted on them come flying over the battlefield, burning with their breath of (green) fire to everything it touches, the warrior looks the wall and the camera focuses on the walls a battalion of elven archers ready to shoot and the video ends...

I were seaching more about the title of the game showed in the video...
the game was a normal game with a single player and a normal multiplayer until the company (blueside) change the genre and become a MMOARTS (Massive Multiplayer Online Action Real-Time Strategic) the gameplay seem to be a mix of the actual RTS Mechanics and Hack and Slash

the only forums that I seached was the gamespot forum, the people on that forum lost their "faith" on the game because the korean company changed it to a MMO

EDIT:. I think that I double post by accident :S

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