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Old 06-08-2012, 06:05 PM
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Default The player who has been forgotten

Hi all,

I know you guys are busy with the server and the new stuff that should come in the summer, and also with the patches that should come next weeks, like path finding and bug fixes. But still I have no answer for my problem (game crashing when I click on start). Has been 8 days, I sent e-mail, post on forum and no answer at all.

Before someone tells me to click on UpdaterUpdate_New.exe let me explain that I did click on an .exe called UpdateUpdate, I dont have any UpdaterUpdate_New.exe in my DoF folder. So, I want any answer about what to do because getting ignored is pretty annoying.

I have this game since february, I think you guys are awesome and I know you guys are busy, but even so I think my problem deserve a little more attention. I dont want to sound selfish... but actually it seems that you guys dont care.

Things I have tried:
-restart the machine, reinstal the game, re-download the game, clicked on UpdateUpdate,DoF,Dawn and DoFUpdater, execute all .exe as administrator and as compatible mode, tried to deactivated DEP.

-Windows 7 64-bit, core i5 2.3hz, 4gb ram, GTX 460. Browsers: IE, Firefox and Google Chrome (main).

What I did before the problem:
-basically nothing, just tried to change the size of the chats font to the biggest size (18 I think). Then I stopped playing, talked on skype and decided to play it again and it had stopped working ever since that. I even had time to buy and test the new heroes...

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