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Old 06-08-2012, 09:08 AM
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By the way
Leveling up a Unit to 10 is slower than lvling a Hero to 10
thats true

but it also depends on the Hero and Unit

a lvl 10 Knight Outskills an lvl 10 Hero so far that he wont even kill 3 guys of the Squad ....
the Hero is an Tank Unit and an Line Breaker
Fighting with 9 Knight Squads and Hero against 10 Knights Squads will grant you Superiority because the Hero is Covered and does Splash Damage while lining off Damage from Enemy Units giving Boosts and so on

but its not like the Hero Himself is Invincible or some really strong Unit
and leveling him up to 60 so hes actually capable of Taking Down Enemy all by himself is quite a feat

also 30 Wealth is done in 2 Hours
but mate
a Knightsquad Costs me less than 1000 Gold at NPC Town
Leveling them to 5 costs another 1000 Gold (actually totally overestimatet here its much cheaper)

and leveling it is not really that much more work than leveling a Hero
I actually treatet my First Knight Squad as my Heros Bodyguard
it startet at lvl 1 when my Hero was 30 it was lvl 9 when my Hero went to 33
since then it keeps catching up
by the way the Dragonslayer I bought together with the Knight was lvl 6 when the Knights reached lvl 9

Leveling a Knight is a little bit harder because you need to attack bigger groups of enemys (cause if you dont they simply kill everything too fast to level xD)
unlike Heros which take a while as they do far less damage ^^

So this is not really a problem
try it
Buy a Knight Squad :P
respective Orc Slayers respective Grandmasters :P
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