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Originally Posted by daikl View Post
Whats the point of playing the orc faction if i use other units? And when did you last tried orc cavalry?I had 6 mounted slayers and 5 mounted impalers decimated by elven reinforcements(a few mounted GM and a few mounted rangers),i think i managed to kill maybe 2 squads and mine were all destroyed.
I suppose I could have phrased that more clearly, when I play other races I use the orc units to empower my ranks, as they have some very powerful units like the popular ogre and the siege ram that outmatch the closest human counterparts even without upgrades. The mounted units may not stand toe to toe with other races very well, but if you have enemies with heavily armored foot soldiers or archer lines they will do the same thing they do for everyone else. They also have great spear, that would serve well against reinforcements like you mention.

Originally Posted by daikl View Post
As you said you don't have enough experience and i strongly recommand you play the race before makeing suggestions.
I note this because I am unable to tell the devs "orcs need this buffed, this nerfed, ect." in a more precise manner. Not that I haven't used them before(or aren't right now for that matter).

Originally Posted by daikl View Post
And its not just those fixes,orc have bugs(forrest orc military bonus doenst work,resources reset at 7k to name a few)
Oh and did you check the orc stronghold in comparison with other races?FFS we dont even get one complete wall(and even that's made of wood).
Give the orcs some love!
Bugs are bugs,(swat!) and the stronghold is a great suggestion for this thread, but I do agree that our orcish friends need some love; the question really is in what way and how much.
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