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Old 06-07-2012, 04:47 PM
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I strongly disagree with the constant spamming of 'unit limits in armies' by several people, it isn't necessary, it doesn't make the game more strategic and if there is an underlying problem with the units in question it does not fix that problem. Massing large or expensive units is risk/reward, if you want to do it be my guest, but you will lose huge amounts of wealth doing it and it will take you all day to upkeep and maintain that practice. Meanwhile I will farm far more rewards with expendable armies.

Dragon armies are no different, as it stands they would level up rapidly and jump into the 1200+ region of str rating. If dragons need to be nerfed, then lets have them nerfed; I would suggest putting base arrow resist to 60 on all dragons and to lower the range of red and royal dragons by 15%.

Orcs are hard to say, I don't have quite enough experience with them but from what I see most people want a complete overhaul of orc army mechanics; this seems excessive. They could probably use a few more % on resists and hp, or a reminder that they can hire mercenaries from other races and use cavalry.

PVP sieges could use some balancing.
As it stands if anyone was to attack a fully upgraded human settlement they would be greeted with the matchmaking systems army, spike traps, a dozen trebuchet, 90 population, the ability to produce new armies mid battle, boiling oil, stone tippers galore, multiple layers of walls and towers they have to pass through... and a time limit.
By the Lake Batman, somebody poisoned the waterhole!

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