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Old 06-07-2012, 02:05 PM
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Dragons: 1 in army. 2-5 in town
Dwarven rifles: 2-5 in army. 10 in town
Hero type units: 1 in army each. 3 of each in town
Dwarven cannon: 5 in army, 10 in town
balance will be a issue for quite some time ahead
fully agreed.

I just wan t a eqall trait like forestwarriors for orcs because horde brings yu nothing you have any ressource probems to need that and the already have 2 economic traits. I Just wanted a militarytrait like the other races...

And pls spare me these runnig ohnehits named goblins. They are useless in all ways.
Any other unit is more than twice usefull so the 6 extra numbers mean nothing.
And i don t care that they cost nothing. There is a cap limit for each army and pvp is almos always equall in amrystrengh. And in those battle it doesn t matter how cheap a unit but how effectiv.

The only usefull units after the patch is the orge and the salyer now. anything else diess in seconds saw that when i attak an elf with standard values without forrestwaariors and upgrades aiganst my lvl 5 units fully upgraded -.-

So berserkers cant be upgraded but grand masters can be upgraded....
orc cavalry still only 10 unts in sqad as well no upgrads in anyway.... but elven cavalery can be upgraded

Bu it would be enough for me when orcs get a trait like forestwarriors even the humans got one as well.
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