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Old 06-07-2012, 09:07 AM
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I have all 3 orc towns,i played orcs in every game i could(war3,dow,l2,skyrim etc) and i know what an orc army should be like.
Your ideea is to FORCE orc players to use goblins,is the faction name ORC or GOBLIN? you must be confused.You are just suggesting the orc player just mass an army and simply rush? no..let me rephrase that...mass a goblin army and rush,right?
Lets give a quick example,in starcraft(first one) you had zerg,that made use of swarming tactics and they had zerglings(we can compare them to goblins in dof),and i dont think in mid-late game the zerg player used many of them(even at all) or made his army out of many,little and squishi units;haveing a faction that can swarm an enemy doenst actualy mean you only use that tactic or have the worst units(again with starcraft-they had the worse(zergling) and the best units for melee(ultralisk)).Your ideea to make us use goblins as core units for army is a TERRIBLE one. And i really like your thoughts on the orc play style,mass an army and rush the enemy,why not just say that every orc player out there is brain dead,i think every player who plays orcs should have as a forum title -cactus or plant -something that doesnt even speak just grunts and smashes keyboard.
So let me make another suggestion in regards to this problem.Orcs force should be in melee and the orc strategy should be to get the enemy in melee combat where their strenghts and numbers count.
Troops that are are armored and used for drawing fire(SLAYERS not goblins ffs) should move slower imo and the Shock Troops like berzerkers should move a little faster and give them more damage and health since their armor is just pathetic.
Orc cavalry is just useless right now imho,why not give them an option to snare enemy troops(use of net,glue,whatever),that would make orc use more strategies.
Long story short,if you kite my army and keep me at a distance well done you should win,but if i get you in melee(as a orc) i should have the upper hand.
My 2 cents,i welcome input.
"This is no rabble of mindless Orcs; these are Uruk-hai. Their armor is thick, and their shields broad."

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