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Old 06-07-2012, 08:14 AM
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I just made a valid point and an example on a solution other then buffing all units in orcs. Goblins are not strong i know that, but what is Orcs main battle strenght it isn't in armour and weapons its in pure numbers.
Its what I personaly think, free units should take 0.5 pop instead of 1 pop for that you get 60 soldiers against someone who has 10-16 soldiers(elven) for same pop. and lvl 5 golbins all focused on attack and all upgrades done. they are fast deadly and lots of them, and be a real threat liek a large packof pirayas
the only other solution i would think of other then that is to increase the units size to 40-60 without changing the pop on goblins only.

this is how I atlest view orcs. I never said it was an optimal solution. As i have a orc and elven town. And i would think it would raise the fun level of playing orcs or against them. as the goblins will be more of a worry as of now they are just walking meat with a rubber hammer when going aginst upgraded human/elven units. pvping with goblins as they are now and make them as the core of an army isnt really possible atm. 6 units of my grandmasters(lvl5) would i think take out 2-3 whole squads each, and be abit over half strenght then my enchanters would come and heal up them to full strenght again

the only problem i would see with my idea with 0.5 pop s that it limits to more powerfull computer too handle all units on highest graphics

and daikl I dont think anyone in here would like to go against a army of 60 ogres. i would deffinatly not as i done a few ogree armys and they crush everything in their path if you have good micromanagement.

limitting every unit type i think is 1 step closer to a balanced gameplay
and limiting unit types should happend for all races
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