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Old 06-07-2012, 05:59 AM
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I agree with finneas but first i'd rather have some bugs fixed like regions traits working for forrest orcs(dmg bonus for impaler/marauder not working),maybe make the berzerkers range/melee hybrids like they were supposed to be(with small range ofc),maybe change the military bonus on orc swamp(imho more dmg/hp for goblins is useless),and i didnt test yet but i dont think some entrenched(trait) bonuses work.
About berzerkers,make them as their name suggest(big damage,low armor),sorry finneas but they dont need armor,they need damage and speed,they need to truely go berzerk.
Kurokawa are you for real,you actualy suggested that we get more goblins in army(i for one dont use goblins in war armies) and fewer ogres?you want me to go to war riding on bicycles rather then tanks?get real dude,i strongly suggest you pvp with goblins(even lots of them) then come back and post.I agree massing same unit tactic should be limited in some way but not the way you suggested,its just bad imo.
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