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Old 06-07-2012, 12:13 AM
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finneas18, Elves got a 25-30% HP nerf last week and orcs got a buff of 30% hp at the same time. and the reason for elvens to have so much bonuses is so they can be about equal to each other races. as elvens got max 10-16 soldiers in a unit ors got slightly more at around 24-30 so if they get a huge attack/hp boost they will be op. And most of orcs units are free so it should balance it somewhat and they spawn fast if you have enough tents and warg pens

what orcs needs in my opinion is that the self spawned units that is counted as 0.5 pop should also be counted in army making aswell. so instead of a 60 goblin unit max it should be 120 units for the 60 pop slots as a example that should balance the orcs out abit as atm they count as 1 pop when you make an army. additional balances like max amount of units of same type might have to be added if orcs gets a way huge power to maybe around 60 goblin units for 30 pop(in armies) and then maybe depending on the other unit types you put in the army, you'll add additional balance issues on the other units like lets say ogres max 5-10 in an army or make them take up 2 pop slots.

And the rest should also go for the other racees a set number of max amount of same units in an army. example 16 of each type or something like that. And then depending on the units potentional to be op lower the max number

Dragons: 1 in army. 2-5 in town
Dwarven rifles: 2-5 in army. 10 in town
Hero type units: 1 in army each. 3 of each in town
Dwarven cannon: 5 in army, 10 in town
balance will be a issue for quite some time ahead
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