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Old 06-06-2012, 04:18 PM
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OK balance.... I know you devs really hate orks .... but
I just looked at the elfs again..and i dont know if i should laugh or cry....

The following example....


Forrestwarrior trait:

- Reduced costs for all militaryunits
- Reduced buildtime for all military units
-25 % hp armor and dmg bonus
- 50 stamina for all units
- 30 % speedbonus for all cavalery

Now Orcs

Horde trait:

- Reduced costs for all militaryunits
- Reduced buildtime for all military units expect( labors and marauder)
- nothing

Do you maby see any differenc?

Sry this is....
So Please equals those traits or remove that nonsense from elfs or whatever...

2. Archmages trait

100 Staminabonus for all units
20 % dmg bonus and 20 amor for enchanters ....

Orc have not a singe trait that improvs any militaryunit and elfs twice....

Sry even our main gametesting company here n germany lost every pvp battle with orcs.... no wonder ...

btw rangeupgrade on riding rangers + speedbonus and epic staminabonus dmg and so on =
hit and run taktik that no one can counter .....

Thats only a conclusion when i saw this .....

I know the elfs should have the best archers and thats ok so.. but i kept laughing when i read the tolltip on orcs which supposed to have the best meleeunits ingame. Then u have berserker
the *most heavly armored* ork infantery 25/0/25 laugh aigan no wealth upgrads to pus this ... any normal elfunit has more defs .... + 120 dmg .... decreased since beta as i see why ever not bad enough i think

And why have orcs no mass bonus on their cavalery..... almost no armor less dmg then other and then the same amountr in each sqad like the other races ...
So this unit is almost useless because any orge runs faster and does more dmg + orges can be wealth upgraded ....

Thats my intensions. I must get that rid of me sry but so muc imbalance since beta and then kept decreasing orc (dmg lowerd on almost all units...) until the last patch.
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