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Old 06-06-2012, 06:21 AM
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Im expiriencing the same problems as people above, now that doesn't seem to be an issue when playing in my city (building, recruiting) but when there are battles included it usually finishes before i had my say in them, and if im lucky i win if not i need new army.

Since most of the game so far has involved questing that is OK.

I have Win 7 (no SP1)
Ati Radeon HD 5777 1GB
3 GB ddr
AMD dual procesor 2.6 GHz

From what i was able to see it is same as recommended configuration on the post.

I even turned all video options to low, no shadows and nothing was ticked in check-boxes, there was no improvement it is the same as when everything is set up on medium of high.

Now I've played Whicher with no problems, TERA (mmo) is running normally without lag. Resolution is "normal" as I don't have big screen. I even tried the lowest resolution possible to see if there was a difference. Nothing seems to help...

Any ideas?