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Old 06-05-2012, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
Massing one unit type is high risk high reward. Someone once tried to attack me with an army of 50 archers and one dragon. He would have devastated me had I had mainly archers/heavy infantry. Unfortunately for him, my army consisted of mainly cavalry. One swift cavalry charge = 50 dead archers.

Ogres are powerful, but they do have counters. Pikes are the obvious one, but archers mow them down pretty quickly too as long as you have a screen of pikes/heavy infantry in front of them to slow charging units down. If you're playing humans, crossbowman work wonders.

Regarding the hero thing, like was mentioned before, if you only kill 2 units in that army during the entire battle, your opponent loses 60 wealth. Even if the rest of your army gets decimated, economic victory is still yours.

no is not becose make 60 wealth is very easy, re-skill up 10-20 unitts maybe lev 10+ is matter of days i do 60 wealth in 2h maybe
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