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Old 06-02-2012, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by biggest_kid View Post
-Graphics! This is a big one, you'll have a hard time attracting new players in todays age of high tech graphical games with the current extremely low-poly model counts and low resolution textures. Also a vast number of new players who do get the game will probably be turned off by the poor graphics and not play DoF due to this too. (I do play the game on full graphic settings by the way)
its fine as its is,tho it could use some HD nude amazons

Originally Posted by biggest_kid View Post
-Lots of elements are unfinished; I have started an Elven city in the online mode, and none of the tutorials or any of the quests from Northras are voiced at all, which is very annoying and not very professional, another big turn off. This is just one of many that i think you guys already know about.
sims1 2 3,many games from 9x are unvoiced,nuf said.

Originally Posted by biggest_kid View Post
-Battles are very slow paced; i dont know if this was intended, but battles and missions crawl along at an incredibly slow pace, slower even than the Settlers series, which i am ashamed to say. This is partly due to pathetic unit movement speeds, incredibly slow siege mecahnics, and could also be because of the un-intuitive control mechanics too. Too remedy this i often find myself training countless mounted ranger battalions merely because they move quickly.
disagree,this is not needforspeed,this is field battles and castle sieges.castle sieges can go for months in RL.
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