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Old 06-02-2012, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Sunleader View Post
Ehm guys

1. The Resistances and Limits are same as Main Hero
so he wont get 100% Resistance except using a Special Ability which however is time limited and only gives 100% Resistance to 1 Stat
should they be able to truly have 100% permanent Resistance to all Damage sorts
then I am pretty sure it is a Bug and will be fixed

2. 60 Hero Army ?
Well then Try making one

ah well I dont want you to waste Influence so I.ll just tell ya whats gonna happen

To be simple
if theyre low lvl you might Find Enemys
but it will be Enemys with Dragons or Higher Level Units because your Heros add quite alot of Str to your Army Rating
if your using Higher lvl Heros you are going to get a Problem
it will basicly be Impossible to Find an Enemy which is not using lots of Heros himself or using Big Dragons

in the End it will end with you taking forever to find a Big Enemy
and then losing 30 Wealth for Each Unit that goes down
not a Good Deal if you ask me

3. 60 Unit of the same Type
thats a goner for some time
early times we always had Armys only using mass of one unit type
but its hard to coordinate such armys
most of the time the enemy will simply put fire on your ass and half army will be dead before you cand draw it out

4. Dragons are Insanely Powerful
but they are expensive and take lots of units cap and lots of str in your Army
you will Face quite Big Armys
and if your Enemy knows how to Deal with Dragons your going to have Trouble
tough theyre still very poweful atm
wont complain if they get nerfed a little
their Fireball is just insane after all

Just wanted to give ya some things to think about
Yeah, this is true. I believe this solve all the problem.

About the dragons: how to deal with them: when they spit the fireball there is even a great chance they miss their target, so first dont get your troops together when a dragon is aproaching; second the fireball gets some time to hit the ground, use this time to run; third, dragons animation takes some time when you order him to spit, use this time to order your pikeman charge into him, it cant cancel the fireball so the dragon will be stucked on the animation for some time. Thats it, its not SO powerfull. Ofc if the fireball hits your troops it will be hit kill, but if you can manage to avoid it (and there is even a bug that helps you, wich makes fireball hit the sky) its not so dificult to kill them, just requires some work and patience.

PS: Is anyone getting some problem with game crashing when starting it? I cant play because of this and no one answer me on the support.
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