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Old 06-02-2012, 09:59 AM
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Default Out of Sync

Greeting, I'm a long time player of Dawn of Fantasy, but i went away for awhile due to at the time the rampaging OoS issue which was going, alongside with my studies taking its toll.

I've currently been trying to get back into the game, but i still have a 95% OoS issue, it seems like i never do pvp properly, aside from the extremely rare occasion ( i presume it isn't that people are pulling their plugs).

I'm not behind any firewalls, and my internet is 10mbit download and 5mbit upload.

computer's running windows 7, the spec's is pretty new and shouldn't pose any issue.
am directly plugged into the modem, and bypassing my wireless router when i've tried to play DoW.

i cant really think of any reason why i cant preform pvp with others, as i dont have this issue with other games, i commonly host games on CK II (crusader kings II, paradox game) so i know I'm visible for other clients. although only thing i haven't tried is opening ports.

any suggestions would be appreciated.
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