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Old 06-02-2012, 08:43 AM
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Originally Posted by daikl View Post
Haveing a mass of ogres means you can counter them with a mass of pikes.
I dont like this idea of limiting or raising the space they take,orcs need some love as they are already.
Ok so the 60 ogre army tactic is low and not very imaginative,but like i said,you can always counter it (60 times paper will beat 60 times rock)
Oh and try not massing just knights next time,because they way you described,you were more upset at the fact that your own massing of a troop got smashed by another.

so what we all go around with army of pikes or ogres?

cmon dont say bull**** like there is counter, sure counteer to ogre can be outrunning archers etc etc, so this is the way this game is supposed to play ?

60 hero
or 6 dragon
or 60 of chose what troops you consider op ?

or is supposed as game to have sense, and that means a mix of troops to use for counter the enemy move? pike vs cavalry, archers vs infantry etc etc?

i not faced any army of 60 ogre, i now there is ppl around using them, and tbh since now i not list a single pvp, so hardly i am cryng about anything, i simply not wanna see this game becoming a spam of 1 unit. whatever it is. Any game who aim for balance have limits in type of troops or when someone will find one uber, composition everybody will simply copy it.
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