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Old 06-02-2012, 08:11 AM
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Default Companions

so we got some Elite Units now

Unfortunately we are still missing the Two Handed Sword Fighter I for my part want to see *gg*
but well thats another Issue

Now I would like to bring up the Older Proposal I once made

Give us some Immortal Companions for our Heros

Dragons once were Immortal so the Game already has a System in Place for Additional Immortal Units

Right now I think we have 4 Quest Points where it is Possible to Award a Companion without even putting anything new into the Game

After the Tutorial you can get your First Companion
Simply being your Vice Captain and using the Graphics of the Gatekeeper of your respective Race
(when you gain the Possiblity to Fight Random Target within your own Territory)

After your First War against another Race you get the Second Companion
This can simply use one of the Generals Graphics

Then the Third after you War the Second Race
Again using a General of your Race

The last would be upon Completing the Main Quest Line
and could be a Wizard/Shaman of your Race

that would make 4 Companions for your Cause

I usually like Partys of 6 :P
so I would propose to also Offer 2 Quest Lines at the Shop
which upon Completion give you Companions

1. Being a Quest that brings you to the Dwarfen Lands and Gaining you a Dwarfen Hero Unit

2. Being a Quest bringing you into Desolate Hills and Gaining you a Nordic Two Handed Swordsman :P

Just wantet to bring this up again
after all you already showed you know what I am talking about :P
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