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Reverie World Studios Forums - View Single Post - LIMIT OF TROOP TYPES huge issues at moment
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Old 06-02-2012, 07:44 AM
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Haveing a mass of ogres means you can counter them with a mass of pikes.
I dont like this idea of limiting or raising the space they take,orcs need some love as they are already.
Ok so the 60 ogre army tactic is low and not very imaginative,but like i said,you can always counter it (60 times paper will beat 60 times rock)
Oh and try not massing just knights next time,because they way you described,you were more upset at the fact that your own massing of a troop got smashed by another.
"This is no rabble of mindless Orcs; these are Uruk-hai. Their armor is thick, and their shields broad."
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