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Old 06-02-2012, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Nibelton View Post
yeah...ogres smash hero with all 80% resistance,1-2K dmg,70 degree AOE dmg,heal,HP 10K+
in your dreams :P
you not get eh ?

is not about your stupid hero who cant fight more than 2-3 ogre at time

is about the other 57 swarming your normal troops and annichilate them, not even knights lev 15 can stand 2 ogre hitting them, with 85% res, since ogre lev 5 full dmg = 400 dmg and they have almost 5k life.

where a knight troop lev 15 have 1k

and if you lose them? who care 5 min and you have another 60 ogre lev 5

let say i engage a battle and lose 8/16 of my knights lev 15+ and he lose 20 ogre for doing that lev 5.

in 5 min even less if he have money he have all those back, how much time it take to bring back 8 knights to lev 15+ ? days man

(i am using knight as example but you can put whatever you like dwarf axeman, archer, gunners, )
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