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Old 06-01-2012, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Nibelton View Post
- Dwarven workers stop working some times,you probably should remove Beer rrequirements for them to work
- not sure if bug,but humans are at war with Denwall for no reason,plus its lord are Morin,and he is one of the Quest NPC that u even go to orcish lands for renegade wizard lol
- Playing orc after creating human first,i have "Sir Morin - orc Encounters target 2" mission LoL
- Building Huts it instantly turns in to Goblins Tent wehn finished

As i have cities in all orc regions i noticed some regions are at war with different cities.
Forest orcs at war with Makkada+smaller towns.
Marsh orcs at war with Ral Nisto+smaller towns.
Desert orcs are at war with random smaller towns.
If its not intented then its a bad bug for Forrest Orcs as they have to play 4k+ gold to get relation with Makkada and enter to continue quest chain,and this after 7-8 quests.
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