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Old 06-01-2012, 06:20 AM
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Default LIMIT OF TROOP TYPES huge issues at moment

Playng with other races i find a way to become OP with low cost.

a 60 man army of OGRES

they have 4600 hp
250 dmg
acceptable resistance

if you consider any other troops with consume 1 slot, have 500 hp, less dmg, you can easly understand how an army of 60 ogre even lev 50 charging carelessy can annichilate anything even dragons , yeah maybe you lose 5-10 ogre but you manage to kill an imperial dragon.

so i suggest a limit of max 16 troops of same type in any army (16 is the max number of troops of same type you can assign to a ctr+1-2 etc button )

this will force ppl to make serious composition army, and not spam of 1 type becouse is op or balance breaking

same and i say that together with many ppl, limit for dragons at 1-2 for army.
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