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Default My suggestions

Here i will post suggestions that i thought for all races and some global system dynamics that i think would benefit this wonderful game

Global changes
*for all 3 races*

Patrol routes
The ability too make your troops go in a patrol like fasion around your camps and settlement. And setting up those routes as you wise

Advanced Tower/wall garrison
What i meen with this is when you select your unit that you want to add to wall or tower is that there are a automaticly arranging them self in a way that they are standing in a row along the wall/tower, instead of their default formation. And depending on what type of unit you want to place there will deside on what placement on the wall they will use.

Example archers will take the front line while swords/spears will take the row behind them. so if you place a spear unit on a empty wall they automaticly goes to the first row.

Random NPC raids
My thought on this is mainly too remind people too keep your workers protected and you can find ways to inprove your settlement with ambushes and would work well with the patrol suggestion, and get small number of gold from loot. No wealth(influence points) should be gained after a npc raid been defeted.

Settlement Roads
upgrading the road systems for better access too certain areas from your keep so you can respond faster. and also increase the eye candy on the screen

Destroyible/Buildible Bridges
The reason for this is idea, is to make your own race specific bridges and with the road building. to make it more of a feeling that your settlement grows in power and economy. they should not be destroyed by a click of a button but have tons of HP so it takes some while too destroy it. and them an option for the enemy to repair the bridge but in their own building style to get over. lets say your an human lord and gets assulted by orcs in masses. and to avoid the enemy to get to your weakest place. you use your siege defenses to break that bridge. orcs then starts to assult your other side, and have a small force repairing that bridge. and in a while that bridge has both human and orc looks. and they once again attacks from that location


Some people like them and some don't. The main reason for that is that they cost 1 pop and eats deers if they come close if planted near settlement. is to maybe make a limit of 5 where they wont take any pop. And make an additional option to spawn Garviola for a limited amount of time 1-2 min with 140% normal spawning cost and use 100 stamina in battle and only 2-3 in limit. so they cant be overused and exploited. or make them a trap option like the suggestion below

(more thoughts maybe need to be made on this little plant)

Building placement
It is fine as it is but I think many would want to be able to deside where you want to place the buildings. same goes for walls. the idea on this mather on making building placement possible is alittle bit of a change of the story line of the elvens. too make it more sound and possible.

my example: is at the beginning your hero unit helps out a elven army eradicate an orc outpost that had started deforesting in the area and set up a camp. your hero then wants to restore the land cause the elven leader of the army didnt want to do it, So your hero starts too remove the scar's that the orcs made and starts to build his settlement on top of the orc camp. and the wardens plants a tree seed that grows up with their blessing and mother natures and them that tree can then be what building you like it to be at any location where that scared earth is. And as you progress on the healing of the land it becomes greenier and more trees and animals will be visible.
Walls should though only be build by hand by male wardens.
Each wall section can then be upgraded to what you want it to be but you cant place towers to close each other like it is atm.

The only building you cant deside where to place should be the main starting building

Automatic Fire fighting
Downpour is a nice skill but needs to be used manualy, and when in a seige. I think this should be put to auto, like it is for Humans and Orcs.

*will develop this further*

None so far need more time playing them

None so far need more time playing them

Will add more too this list as i play this game and come up with some ideas

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