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Old 05-30-2012, 02:18 AM
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Originally Posted by qaysen View Post
I am a muslim and i can not believe game developers really did such a thing, but its real. So we are orcs, barbaric, dirty, ugly. I see. What a way to see the world. ...
I am sorry to hear this, but let us explain you that it is only you're way to see things. The city named Makkada is not the "Mother of all cities" as you see it, but it is the greatest city of the Orcs. I believe that the devs were not thinking of Mekka or Makkah al-Mukarramah in the time of the game creation. Oh, and I don't believe that Orcs are bad, ugly and that much barbaric, I even play with them and try seeing their positive side what is the horde, they stand together no mater what.

Edit: You say that this is offence, then what could the Russians say after call of Duty and more ....

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