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Old 06-04-2008, 11:55 AM
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Default Playing units

You command youre army and send them to attack an hostile army comming inbound, you quickly give some orders to youre troops and then you chose to take control of 1 units wich will bring you in first person vieuw of that unit and you control all the movements/attacks of this unit. Making it stronger then its AI counterparts since you can move him to a weak spot and start slashing around. When youre unit dies or you chose to go back to youre overal command vieuw you get a 5 sec delay ( giving it a small downsize ). You will be not really aware of what happens around youre unit but you will inflict more damage where he is.
Let's not make it possible to control your uber units. Will make it too easy. ^^

just an idea i have had in my head for some time now.
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