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Old 05-12-2012, 02:27 AM
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Default Canīt complete Quest "Expansion"

Hi there!

So, yesterday was the third time I played DoF and I must say I quite like it, wasnīt really sure before I bought it

But there is one problem I thought I already read about here but couldnīt find it again:

I canīt complete my first quest "Expansion" where I need to "aquire" a Peasant Squad (which I assume just means produce one out of the Main building) and build a house. Iīm playing Humans and I didnīt collect my quests right away and buildt somer other things before I even "found" the quest.

I queued a house and a peasant right after each other several times now but the quest still is in my journal.
Anything I can do, can I discard and reaquire the quest somehow?