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Thread: PvP Deterrent?
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Old 05-08-2012, 06:58 PM
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If you guys remember the beggining of the post I also said that (PvP is low risk) and indeed, Rudedawg, its true that you can rise up your army faster, and as nuno77 said that is all what you have to do with your resources when you finished build up... And maybe that is why I think we could have a ressurection building, but that wasnt the point.

When we think about pvp and rising an army indeed there is no much looses. But what OrlandoKev was complainning about is when you level an unit before level 10 and loose it, also he was thinking more about PvE not PvP. I said that if we had a harder AI/Quests/Mobs we should have a system that allows us to revive dead units, since in most singles we can re-load the game and start over, and here we cant and we would loose our high level troops. But I also think that this should be very expensive and only allowed once per squad. But honestly I didnt find dificulty doing PvE and dont think it is in my concern list, just a thought.

nuno77 you said we can have 7 armies right? Why I can have only 6 =/

@Rudedwag, I have to be honest with you: you will find some issues and bugs in the game, still I can have fun playing it if I find an opponent. You have to think what are you looking for on it. This game can have some bugs and lack of some content, but its siege system is really fun, staff are very competent fixing the game and they dont stop improving it and comunity is very friendly, so far the friendliest comunity that I have ever found in a game. Its pretty enjoyable playing it when you have someone to play with you.

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