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Old 05-06-2012, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Rudedawg View Post
Reading this thread is giving me second thoughts about even trying the game.

The Dev's need to find a balance - yes I want a challenge, but I also want to feel powerful and not completely "gutted" if I lose a battle and lose all my troops.

I also do not want a part time job to have to replace troops.
try the game, then you will realize your concerns don't make sense as your basing your views on it upon knee jerk reactions of newbies like myself.

there are already systems in place to insure balance, there are AOE heals and self heals to keep your units alive if you know what your doing, and replacing/training units is the END GAME of this game since once you build your city there is nothing else to spend resources on.

and no one is forcing anyone to pvp, you can turtle as much in this game as you want to, taking your time to level up as many units and armies (if my memory serves me right, the limit is 7 x 60 cap armies plus 90 cap in the capital) as you feel like it before risking them in a pvp match.

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