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Old 04-24-2012, 03:29 AM
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You both make valid points regarding gameplay but there is alot you are not taking into consideration, your view point is that of a person who prefers mostly pvp gameplay however as can be seen on any major mmo, pve servers substantially outnumber pvp servers as a larger percentage of players prefer pve gameplay, leveling etc with a mix of pvp. This game was designed the ability to level squads of troops to be able to customize them with different skill sets to allow for more strategy options for players to choose from. Buy a army, go pvp, buy replacements, go pvp again etc well that would be a basic much more simplified game to create, nothing really special about it, just another single player rts with a multiplayer battle option. However from what i can see DoF has/is trying to create a well needed mmorts and in my humble opinion have come closer to laying the groundwork for such than anyone else. Players who spend countless hours/weeks/months grinding out levels of troop squads will either a) avoid pvp (and miss out on the true strategic gameplay, get bored and move on) or b) lose "all" the effort they put into their squads in one or two battles, and think, wow i just spent X amount of time gaining a couple levels on my troop squads and now i have to start completely over? Replacing lvl 5 squads is quick and easy, leveling squads beyond level 5 simply takes ALOT of time and effort, only a very small percentage of the gamer market will be willing to deal with weeks/months of effort being able to be lost in a single battle. I could probally replace 100 lvl 5 squads in the same time frame it would take me to achieve lvl 6 or 7 army and no telling how much time it would take to achieve a level 10 or greater army, losing a level on a squad and having to spend a decent chunk of gold to perhaps revive that army at least presents the player with a realistic option of putting in the effort to regain the lost level vs the idea of spending weeks or longer trying to replace what he already spent weeks/months to gain. ( i am not referring to heros or dragons, that is not what this topic is meant to be about, but instead referring to the amount of game time invested to achieve levels on squads of troops and willingness of majority of potential players to risk all that time and effort for potentially one battle) This is also not about me wanting the game to be easier or upset i lost a couple squads etc, i am in love with the idea of this game and have been waiting a long time for good mmorts, i want to see it survive and thrive so that i might possibly get years of enjoyment playing, and in order to do so, it has to appeal to a majority and have capability of retaining a solid percentage of gamers. Game developers will either agree or disagree with my thoughts on the topic, i am not your average player, i will most likely stick it out regardless for some time, however i dont personally believe the average player "will".

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