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Thread: PvP Deterrent?
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Old 04-23-2012, 04:52 PM
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I agree with bonedripper. The thing is: after a battle I want to feel the sensation that I caused some damage to my enemy, or he caused some damage to me and I have to rebuild every thing again. If my troops just stay alive, a battle will lost some sense for me since Im not only doing that just to win but also to provoke some change. I know we dont have cities to conquer or something like that, but I hope some day we'll.

And after you built your city, make a new army and level it up is easy and fast. I dont suggest to do quests, since you can only use 20 units. Do battles on view mode and pvp battles; your armies will win a lot of exp.

Also, Commander and Orlamdo, level is not such important thing. Why? Because your army has a rank based on numbers and level, you can only fight with armies with the same or closer rank. This means that if you put too much effort on lvl, you will only be able to fight against high level armies, wich is something rare to a player have it. In other words, as much as your army lvl, more rare will be to find pvp battles; at one point you will have to retire your army because it is too experienced to find any opponent. If no troops die, this will happen more often if veteran players stop playing the game and you cant fight against new guys. Its the same for the "dragons" case. If you make an army with 20 dragons, you will only be able to find another army with the same strenght that is able to kill those dragons army. But probably you wont find any battle since most players have low armies, and your dragon become useless, like mine was ^^ (that was why I didnt care when you killed him). After doing so many quests, coop sieges and pvp, you will have many crowns that will alow you to buy a lot of dragons and other especial units easily.

Since Im already here let me give a suggestion: I hardly loose any battle and you Orlamdo, was the first guy that defeated me in siege defence. That is most because players dont focus on armor. I suggest to new players to focus one type of unit on armor only and use them as tanks. Believe me they will be deadly even if they dont have much dps. They will stand their enemies' attacks and kill them ^^.

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