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Thread: PvP Deterrent?
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Old 04-22-2012, 04:38 PM
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Default PvP Deterrent?

In my opinion, leveling squads is very time and effort consuming and to just go into a pvp battle with a very good chance of just losing squads all together, seems like a big deterrent to even pvp at all. Especially for new players like myself, spend a week or so grinding quests just to get a couple levels on troops, get attacked by a experienced player, lose those squads and basically have to start all over leveling squads again. Have you considered maybe the squads losing a level when they die but not having them lost completely? Lvl 5 can easily be replaced, but wow what about how much time would have been put into a lvl 10 or higher. (heck getting to lvl 6 is a chore, lol) Perhaps in addition to a squad losing a level if it dies, have a substantial gold fee to revive the squad as well, that would make cause for a continued use of resources once city and army is built.

I was given a dragon as a bonus for purchase of game, he as well got slaughtered in my first pvp battle, really sucks that i can never replace that "promotional dragon" without actually buying the game all over again..... I suspect the "average" player would throw his/her hands up and stop playing, which obviously is bad for business.

Seems very counterproductive for a player to spend so much time attempting to level troops and dragons just to see them "gone forever" after 1 lost battle. Even in a won battle, odds are you are going to lose some squads...

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