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Old 04-12-2012, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Ardlife View Post
Can I increase storage as any gold i get is stolen due to 12000 cap
You could make some sheep to increase gold income so the income overdue the amount of stolen gold per minute.
You could not use that many soldiers in defense of the town for the power not to be that high and the town defense is more fun with not that many squads.
Instead of using peasants for food and gold gathering, make cows and sheep and let them walk around.

Originally Posted by Ardlife View Post
There are only 2 building plots left which i can't build on yet
You don't have to use all your building plots if you don't want and I believe there will be more buildings on their way with upcoming patches.

Originally Posted by Ardlife View Post
So is it just do the odd quest and cap/building plots will be increased or am I at end game and just left with the odd quest and PVP?
Sort of for now, but be patient, you'll see that with upcoming patches the game will have a more clearer continuity.

Originally Posted by Ardlife View Post
This is NOT a moan just wondered if i am just scratching the surface of the game or need to move on adn try different races
Trying different races would be a good idea, if not for any but to know your enemies weakness. Oh and thank you for the questions and take those answers as my opinion.