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Old 04-12-2012, 09:43 AM
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Default So have been playing a while, what do i do now?

Casual player, usually a couple of hours a week
Playing HUMAN, town is built, walled, done a number of quests, population 80/90 and storage cap is 12000
So what now?
Can I increase storage as any gold i get is stolen due to 12000 cap
There are only 2 building plots left which i can't build on yet
So is it just do the odd quest and cap/building plots will be increased or am I at end game and just left with the odd quest and PVP?
I have read the new players guide on this forum and have reached that, so what now?

I have no physical documentation I can check back to as this was an awesome price on digital download
This is NOT a moan just wondered if i am just scratching the surface of the game or need to move on adn try different races