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Old 04-11-2012, 07:59 PM
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Default Returning to the game

Greetings Community. It has been a while. I played the game during closed beta around June last year. I am interested to if someone can give me a quick detail in features that have changed since my last being here. I was a major threat back then in my Mountain Elven Kingdom, doubt I will be now though :')
- First Player to have a fully established Wall, 7 fully ready armies patrolling and so on prior to Online Reset.I stopped testing at that point especially when my Hero disappeared and never respawned.

Anyways, I was too busy with other games back then, namely some MMO's, Minecraft and ofcourse work :P

But I've been thinking about it for a while and since GAME in the UK is in financial trouble, they reduced the price of the game by a few in comparance to the online shop here so I thought what the hey, Bought. Should arrive by Monday :O.

So back to my request, Flyingcheesecake will remember me hopefully but if anyone can give me a short list of major features, I would greatly appreciate it. I don't want to be caught too heavily offguard.


- Are we able to make towns for resources now?
- How many building spots in our primary cities?
- What is the army cap? Is it still 60 per batallion?
- Are resource income info fixed? I remember having negative resource generation but recieving resources :')
- the resource income, is it per minute or per second?
- What other stuff do I need to know?

My plans

- Elven gameplay with Alchemist/Growers and Warriors and in Taltos I love the bottleneck defense
- As before I plan to Trickle Food and Berry pick, while setting up 3 or 6 labs each generating 1 or 2 of Gold, Stone and Wood.
- Expansive approach, Multiple military 40% of forces being within 1min of my City for reinforce/defense
- Defensive and Communitive Play.

[User: Loh] [Race: Elven] [Region: Taltos] [Guild: N/A]

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